Just Do It, Nike!

A call to stand up to Colin Kaepernick

So Betsy Ross must bear the cross
of Colin Kaepernick?
To rewrite history about our flag
quite simply makes me sick.

The thirteen stars meant colonies
and freedom from the Brits.
Those stars weren’t racist in the least.
This sends me into fits.

The fact that Nike bows the knee
to Kaeps’ insane demands
should be a cause for great concern
to our dear Uncle Sam.

The first flag of our infant land
remains a cherished one.
It chronicles our history
of freedom’s daring run.

So let’s not let a PC-biased
demand that Nike shuck its shoes
revising history.

Just do it, Nike! Take a stand.
Tell Kaep to take a hike.
Give Betsy Ross her just desserts.
Her flag’s okay to like.