One Small Step

Contemplating the historic Apollo 11 mission to the moon

“That’s one small step,” Neil Armstong said
as we watched on TV.
And then we stepped outside and gazed
up at the moon to see
an orb of dust and rocks that glowed
much brighter than before.
For on that lunar surface stood
a flag and so much more.

Accomplishment! That’s what it was.
Two proud men standing tall.
Both Neil and Buzz had stood the test
and answered NASA’s call.
And after fifty years it seems
we need another goal
to unify our fractured land
and make our nation whole.

Creator God, who flung the stars
and planets into space,
we’re humbled by the universe
that dwarfs our puny place.
Remind us all what You have wrought
and how each plays its part
to bring about Your purposed plan
and rule our rebel hearts.