A Godwink Defined

Making sense of the coincidences of life

A Godwink is a nod from God.
An eye wink if you will.
It is His way of saying we are loved.
What appears coincidental is in fact God’s grand design.
Be assured our steps are ordered from above.

Godwinks are all around us
if we have the faith to see
how the Lord delights in leaving little hints.
It’s so fun to find alignment
in the details of our day
as we dust for where God’s left his fingerprints.

What may seem at first as random
is not happenstance at all.
It is how the Lord makes sure we notice Him.
A Godwink is intentional.
It’s part of Heaven’s plan
to recognize just where God’s hand has been.

*Dedicated to SQuire Rushnell who coined the word Godwink