The Longest Night

Reflections on grief at Christmastime

The longest night and shortest day
will steal your joy. They’ll find a way
to rob you of the long-sought peace
that Christmas promises.

The darkness that enshrouds your heart
defies the light that would impart
a glimpse of love that glows with hope
and so you shiver cold.

The twinkling light and carols fail
to free you from the prison cell
that holds you hostage in your grief.
There’s no joy in your world.

The memories of one who’s gone
help ease the hurt, but grief goes on.
And days go by as one big blur.
Your silent nights are long.

And so I pray for you, my friend,
that sorrow’s raw bone-chilling wind
would finally cease and that you’d find
the warmth of God-with-us.