A Lenten Season Like No Other

How the coronavirus has impacted our preparation for Easter

“So what did you give up for Lent this year?”

Wait! I think I know.
The same thing we all gave up.
Life as usual.

Schools are closed.
Restaurants, too.
Non-essential businesses are boarded up.
Locked beauty shops are revealing our untouched roots.
Salons for manis and pedis are nailed shut.
Shopping malls are shuttered.
Parks are cordoned off.
So are ICU rooms.

There’s no public worship.
No Lenten soup suppers.
No funerals.
AA meetings are online.
Yoga classes as well.

Sheltering in place means we are shopping from home.
Many are working from home.
Kids are learning at home.
But there is one thing we aren’t doing at home.
We aren’t watching our home teams on TV at home (or any other place).
No sports are being played.

No cruises are sailing.
Vacations have been canceled.
Wedding receptions put on hold.
Reunions as well.
And new hips will just have to wait in line (behind new knees).

It’s a Lenten season unlike any other we’ve ever known.
In retrospect, giving up chocolate or meat on Fridays
doesn’t seem like that big of a sacrifice anymore.
Just sayin’!