How Covid Stole Christmas

2020 Hindsight

We started the year 2020 with hope
with focus and vision no reason to mope.
But then Kobe left us. His daughter did too.
Then something more dreadful would come into view.

COVID they called it. A Grinch-like disease.
This heartless invader brought us to our knees.
Wash your hands. Wear your mask.
Keep your distance. Stay home.
And in lockdown we panicked, together alone.

Our nation divided by blue states and red
grew angry and violent as George Floyd lay dead.
Those protests and riots made headlines and news
as COVID deaths mounted and we looked for clues
for how this grave virus could finally be stopped
and how to find justice for those killed by cops.

It seemed like our nation had ground to a halt.
The culprit was COVID. That’s who was at fault
for shutting down restaurants, churches and schools
and emptying stadiums with endless rules.
Businesses languished while tent cities thrived.
The death toll kept rising. Just who would survive
the first wave and second? Would there be a third?
Immunity beckoned by vaccine and herd.

And now it is Christmas with vials en route.
but the Grinch known as COVID maintains his pursuit
of holiday bedlam and holiday grief.
Can Christmas be salvaged? Is there no relief?

This vandal’s relentless. The world’s robbed of joy.
These silent nights find me a heartbroken boy.
There’s coal in my stocking. My list’s been ignored.
Our halls still need decking. I’m lonesome and bored.

While socially distanced alone by the tree,
I’m dreaming of normal (not snow). May it be!
I’m cherishing family from whom I’m apart.
I’m replaying memories tucked deep in my heart.

And though I am grieving what won’t be this year,
I’m grateful this Christmas that I am still here.
I’m grateful for loved ones. I’m grateful for friends.
I’m grateful that soon COVID’s looting will end.