Is There a Doctor in the House?

What would Dr. Seuss say to his critics?

Is there a doctor in the house?
Indeed! His name is Geisel.
Please wake him up and let him speak.
I’m fearing a reprisal.

Are cats with hats endangered, too?
Are greedy grinches targets?
Do goats in boats have cause to fear?
Or possibly the Lorax?

The Starbucks logo may be next.
She is a naked mermaid.
And likely that offends someone
who’s apt to be more staid.

Where will this cancel culture lead?
Must we rewrite past wrongs?
Or can’t we just accept what was
and change tomorrow’s songs?

Our history books record our flaws,
but warts and all we’re growing.
By looking back we change our ways
when prejudice is showing.

So let’s not rush to label those
who fail our current test.
To view the past through present lens
is  troublesome at best.