The Lenten Journey

Celebrating a somber season of trust

It’s a journey that leads
to the crux of our faith
as we take up our cross day by day.
Acknowledging weakness,
confessing our need
we embrace all God wills as we pray.

Through the desert with Jesus
we walk step by step
well aware of temptations to doubt.
We stumble at times,
but we fall on God’s grace
as we puzzle to figure things out.

It’s a time for reflection,
for looking inside,
well aware of where this journey ends.
The shadow of death
creeps across what we fear,
but the outcome surprises God’s friends.

At the end of the tunnel
there is cause to rejoice.
But for now we trek on as we wait
for that day we call Easter
when the dawn’s early light
will reveal God’s on time (never late).

*This poem was written for my friend Doug Thomas while awaiting a heart transplant.