Academy Award Afterthoughts

Why awarding Oscars to pretenders is counter intuitive

No, Oscar wasn’t grouchy.
He brought smiles all around.
That little golden statue means first prize.
And those who earned his company
have won a friend for life.
But, strangely, Oscar’s friendship’s based on lies.

Yes, acting is pretending.What he does or what she says
has been scripted as a way to make believe.
Ain’t it funny how we honor
those who do not tell the truth,
those who live a life of pretense to achieve?

And we aren’t all that differentfudging facts to earn some praise.
We have learned to hide true feelings through the years.
We wore masks before we had to (masquerading all along)
in a veiled attempt to win applause and cheers.

Lord, have mercy. Please forgive usfor relying on a script.
We are weary of pretending what we’re not.
Give us courage to be honest
and risk being who we are.
Surely there are those who need just what we’ve got.