Remember to Say Thanks!

It’s easy to forget to express gratitude

“Remember to say thanks,” Mom said.
It’s easy to forget.
‘Cause gratitude does not come naturally.
Those magic words we learned as kids
acknowledge we’ve been blessed.
So let’s say thank you each and every day.

Remember to say thanks because
it’s easy to be still
and never let someone know how we feel.
That special thing they did or said
reminding us they care,
deserves acknowledgment. It’s a big deal!

Remember to say thanks for when
we do so we extend
an honor to the one who honored us.
And while it takes some effort
to be grateful, it’s a key
that unlocks a growing friendship. It’s a must!


Greg has a related newspaper article, “Talking turkey about … turkeys” published on 11/21/2021 in The Wenatchee World.

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