In the Darkness of Our Advent

New lyrics to an old hymn tune

In the darkness of our Advent,
we wait for dawn.
Racial strife and greed are rampant
Hatred is strong.
Justice hides and peace is sleeping
while the innocent are weeping
as the wealthiest are reaping
what smacks as wrong.

As we wait for what You’ve promised,
faith can grow weak.
Doubt can bully idle patience
when silence speaks.
Winter’s dark can find us fearing
when the voices we are hearing
drown Your Spirit’s whispers cheering
us still to seek.

May Your presence light our journey.
Lord, guide our way.
God-with-us be ever near us.
Help us, we pray.
Penetrate the mist of mourning
as the daybreak clouds are forming
to remind us of that morning
night turns to day.

Tune: All Through the Night