Charles’ Coronation Day

Dr. Charles Stanley was the pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta for more than fifty years

Well done, good servant,
faithful friend.
You proved most faithful
to the end.
And now a crown of righteousness
awaits as your reward.

You helped us be
“in touch” with grace.
Your Southern charm
gave grace a face.
“Now listen!” you would often say
to keep our minds engaged.

Your life became
an open book
as critics called us
all to look
at preachers who have feet of clay
(as if some are exempt).

But you stood tall
down on your knees.
You dotted “i”s
and crossed your “t”s
by asking God in humble prayer
that He would have your back.

And what you did
is what you taught:
A prayerful life
is mostly caught
by staying close to those who pray
and following their lead.

Yes, Charles,
what you preached is true.
We are not saved
by what we do.
Our crowning merit is a gift
that’s offered us by grace.

Peace to your memory!