He Did Know Jack!

C. S. Lewis was the focus of much of the late Earl Palmer’s research and ministry

If you knew Earl,
then you knew Jack
Two brilliant men who had a knack
for dusting for God’s fingerprints
and pointing us to grace.

And in the process joy found them
and guided these two godly men
along a path that led to truth
they longed so much to find.

Jack Lewis and Earl Palmer knew
that faith’s a journey ’til life’s through
and in the shadowlands we learn
the elements of trust.

Pain is God’s megaphone they found
that suff’ring becomes holy ground,
that coffins are not just a box.
They’re wardrobes in disguise.

Mere Christianity? Perhaps!
Two mirrored lives (without relapse)
who call us to reflect the light
they gave us through the years.

* Earl Palmer passed away on April 25, 2023 at the age of 91.