Others Day

Is it time for Others Day?

We set aside a day each May
to honor dear old mom.
To let her know how much she’s loved
before she’s dead and gone.

We do the same each year in June
to tell our dads they’re great.
To grill a brat and drink a beer
and just plain celebrate.

Just recently it dawned on me
we need a holiday
to honor others in our lives
for what they do and say.

I’m thinking of the guys at work,
my neighbors, merchants too.
Baristas, mailmen, waitresses,
the one who heels my shoe.

Toll takers, teachers, dry cleaners,
a pastor, rabbi, priest,
those hospice workers, gardeners,
the not-well-known. The least.

You catch my drift. I’m thinking of
those people in our lives
who ease the burden of each day
who seldom get a prize.

They need to know we value them.
I think I have a way.
Why not a Sunday once a year
that’s known as Others Day?