A Centennial Worth Celebrating

Paying tribute to the Boeing Airplane Company

For 100 years at Boeing
they’ve been making planes to fly.
Thanks to Boeing we found ways to win a war.
Boeing’s given wings to visions.
Far-fetched dreams were realized.
And in partnership with NASA rockets soared.

In their fact’ries in Seattle,
Wichita and Charleston,
Boeing’s birthed their birds with engineering pride.
Air Bus and McDonnell Douglas
can’t compete with Boeing’s class,
though for decades (Heaven knows) those two have tried.

Orv and Wilbur couldn’t fathom
how Bill Boeing would take-off.
He took flight in ways that caught the world by storm.
And the planes that Boeing gave us,
though a novelty at first,
have become (for lack of better terms) the norm.

Here’s to Boeing and their workers
as they celebrate this year.
What a milestone this is to say the least.
Thanks to Boeing and its partners,
airline travel’s safe and sound
as we fly the friendly skies from west to east.

Reflections on September 11th

Looking back and looking forward

Fifteen years ago we panicked
fearing all that lay in store
as in shock we tried to ponder
terror’s unexpected horror.

Evil claimed a bloody vic’try.
Fear moved in and claimed a room.
Helplessly, we called on Jesus
jailed within a cell of doom.

Empty churches filled with pray-ers
who acknowledged their deep need
asking God for retribution
and for justice to succeed.

What seemed like old-time revival
was short lived and long on pride.
When a nation finds its footing,
faith grows faint as fear subsides.

In our apathy, confront us.
Bring us to our knees again.
Help us see our need for Jesus.
Give us grace to trust in Him.

God, protect us from mad snipers
who gun down the unaware.
Give us courage to see clearly
and disarm the threat of terror.

Je Suis Jesus

A response to the terrorist attack in Paris

“Je suis Jesus!”
Hear him speak!
You who grieve
who justice seek.
As candles glow in Notre Dame,
the Prince of Peace declares…

“Come unto me!”
“Venir a moi!”
“I know your pain
and nerves are raw.
And so I weep with you who weep
and comfort you who fear.”

“Peace I leave you!
My peace I give
to you who’ve lost
the will to live!”

Wherever terror stalks to kill,
Immanuel stands tall.

Columbine Revisited

Every parent’s nightmare

In a town north of Seattle
where I grew up as a boy,
a trigger-happy freshman with a gun
unveiled a reign of terror
shooting friends and then himself
leaving Marysville in shock when all was done.

It’s the nightmare parents dream of
as they send their kids to school
fearing what played out at Columbine repeats.
It’s the scary world we live in
where what seems both safe and sound
is a place where guns and mental illness meet.

God of mercy, bathe the victims
of this senseless tragedy
in Your cleansing grace that washes white as snow.
Give the students that must carry on
the means to move ahead
as they do their best painstakingly and slow.

A Long Day at the Beach

Remembering D-Day 70 years later

It was a long day at the beach
as boys ran in the surf
the 6th of June in 1944
Unlike the days when they were small
and mothers watched nearby,
this beach day far from home was bloody war.

The castles in the sand they shaped
were freedom’s fortresses.
They forged a beachhead but at quite a cost.
These boys without their mothers
without thinking of themselves
found the means to dig the graves for soldiers lost.

On this poignant anniversary
as we ponder that long day,
we give thanks for mothers’ sons who dreamed of home.
And we bless the sainted memories
of those whose dreams were dashed
as they left footprints in sand and died alone.