Reflections on September 11th

Looking back and looking forward

Fifteen years ago we panicked
fearing all that lay in store
as in shock we tried to ponder
terror’s unexpected horror.

Evil claimed a bloody vic’try.
Fear moved in and claimed a room.
Helplessly, we called on Jesus
jailed within a cell of doom.

Empty churches filled with pray-ers
who acknowledged their deep need
asking God for retribution
and for justice to succeed.

What seemed like old-time revival
was short lived and long on pride.
When a nation finds its footing,
faith grows faint as fear subsides.

In our apathy, confront us.
Bring us to our knees again.
Help us see our need for Jesus.
Give us grace to trust in Him.

God, protect us from mad snipers
who gun down the unaware.
Give us courage to see clearly
and disarm the threat of terror.