Color It Chaotic

Weekly Column Debut: Poetic commentary on current events

In the Golden State
Gray Davis is blue
(and for good reason).
One-hundred-thirty-four greenhorn candidates
are attempting to run him out of town
by running for his office.
In the land of the silver screen
where movies are made,
political campaigns are created
in soap opera fashion.
In these Days of Our Lives,
All My Children are no longer willing
to simply be known as
The Young and The Restless.
From the bizarre to the ridiculous,
porn stars and actors,
bounty hunters and sumo wrestlers
think they are somehow qualified
to govern our nation’s most populous state.
As in the days of the Judges,
no one is fazed by the circus-like ways
of those who lack judgment or sense.
While everyone does what is right in their own eyes,
He who sits in the Heavens laughs
at a scenario that is far from funny.