A Much Deserved Death

Father John

Did Father John deserve to die?
Perhaps he did, the sex-crazed guy.
Just think of what he did.
He betrayed those who had every right to trust him.
He robbed the unexpecting of their self-respect.
He stole the innocence of childhood from them.
He denied them the joy of an unfettered future.
This one who said mass was less than the person
he passed himself off as being.
“My God,” we ask, “isn’t it odd
that one with such a high calling
could stoop so low?”
“No!” comes the Almighty’s answer.
“The singular reality of your depraved nature
is that you too are capable of leading a double life.
The pedophile priest’s deception
isn’t as much an exception as you’d like to admit.”
And God’s Word challenges our tendency to judge.
Read it and weep.
X-rated daydreams, secret thoughts
and scandalous fantasies never found out
cause us to forget that
there (except for the grace of God) go we.
You see, falling short of the glory of God
is a universal story.
And based on the holiness that He demands,
death is the minimum wage.
Did Father John deserve to die?
Perhaps he did, but so do I.
But then, that’s why Jesus did.