The Evening Blues

How we are losing the war we won

The nightly news is suffocating
(like a noose around your neck).
In Iraq the body count is getting out of hand.
By ones and by twos
our soldiers keep dying
and I keep trying to understand
why Hussein eludes us
and his countrymen hate us
and whose saying what and to whom.
It’s a damn shame.
It’s doom and gloom
and the room for debate
about this war
is beginning to approximate
the size of one
of Saddam’s ransacked palaces.
Even though we’ve supposedly won,
lives are still lost
as the fighting goes on.
It’s a war that is killing our President’s hopes
of living in the White House another four years.
It’s a black plaque
for which there appears
to be no cure.
It’s an epidemic in which
winners and losers
(whoever they are)
ironically both bleed red.
The evening news on CNN
is more like the evening blues.