The Circle is Complete

A Tribute to Johnny Cash

I’m feeling kinda poor today.
The Cash is finally gone.
That pocked-face man who dressed in black
has sung his final song.
He sang about a love gone bad,
about a life ill-spent.
His songs conveyed the pain he felt
as down sin’s road he went.
But when the man in black met Christ,
his whole demeanor changed.
Although he still could sing the blues,
his heart was not estranged.
He walked the line (and sometimes tripped).
Like us he stumbled on.
But with his sweetheart by his side,
a weak man became strong.
In May his June found wings and flew
to Canaan’s happy land.
And Johnny died a bit back then.
She was his one-man band.
The two at last are one again.
The circle is complete.
Their hands are raised in grateful praise
because of Jesus’ feat.