A Rose that Grows in Peat

Fragrance in the air

“Reward the player, not the gambler!”
That’s the rue and cry.
But let sportswriters beware.
The fragrance in the air
is a bit misleading.
A rose that grows in peat
can’t be trusted to stand up straight.
Neither will it last.
It’s a plant that lacks integrity
and it’s easy to see
it’s not the petals
that color the man.
It’s the life
from which his petals stem.
In the end it’s the full flower
that should be judged,
not just the part we think smells sweet.
A rose by any other name
should be equally scrutinized.
He who is wise knows that
prized varieties don’t come cheap.
Their roots go deep.
In Cooperstown (or any town),
an award-winning garden
must be weeded and fenced
lest the beauties on display
simply wilt and fade away.