Americans, the Bountiful

Bounty full

The land of the free
and the home of the brave
is also a nation
of overweight slaves.
We’re mastered by taste buds
that crave what is sweet.
We’ve been sold into slavery
by the junk that we eat.
We supersize French fries
and sugary Cokes
yet the supersize bodies we boast
are no joke.
Compared to most countries
our kids are obese.
But so are their parents
(because we love grease).
It’s fast food for breakfast
and fast food for lunch.
And guess what’s for dinner?
Do you have a hunch?
There’s burgers and pizza
and cheesy nachos.
There’s tacos, fried chicken
and boy does it shows.
Our butts are the biggest.
Our guts are our shame.
We’re leading the world
in a new kind of fame.
We’re fat and unhealthy.
We lack self-control.
And if we don’t stop it,
we’ll pay quite a toll.