God’s Masterpiece

An artistic reflection on the sanctity of life

With palate, paint and brush in hand,
the Artist has at his command,
the simple tools by which He will
create a masterpiece.

But at the start you’d never know
what one day will be best-of-show
is nothing more than colored globs
that seem like a mistake.

“Forget it!” one voice quickly cries.
“Don’t waste your time!” another sighs.
“There’s just no way that what He’s done
will ever be acclaimed.”

The Artist hears, but doesn’t turn.
He knows that soon who scoff might learn
that what they see as random strokes
is priceless art indeed.

But from the start there is no way
to tell what will emerge one day
and so the Artist’s infant work
is often mocked and tossed.

And when it is the Artist grieves
for what in love His mind conceived
will never be the work of art
He knew would bless a home.

And all because uncultured folks
who thought His masterpiece a joke
are free to wreck what is not theirs
and judge the Artist wrong.

Is that the freedom wars have won?
Where works of art are left undone
because it’s thought until they’re framed
they’re free to be destroyed?

May God forbid! May He paint on
without the claims that He is wrong.
For every life’s a masterpiece
the moment He begins.