The Passion to Repent

How Gibson’s movie caused a killer to confess

Confronted with the claims of Christ
as pictured on the screen,
a killer then confessed his crime
because of what he’d seen.

He witnessed God’s undying love
nailed to a bloodied cross.
He saw his own guilt dramatized
and what his sin had cost.

The loss of life he’d engineered
was ruled a suicide.
But what he’d done was killing him
in secret deep inside.

He knew he really had no choice.
Although there’d be a price
he had to set the record straight
and own his heinous vice.

In spite of life without parole,
his heart would be set free.
But first he had to face the facts
and mouth a guilty plea.

And so he did and so must we.
According to God’s scheme,
we cannot sing Amazing Grace
before we first come clean.