Cultural Commitment

What March Madness has to do with cultural Christianity

We hardly watch a game all year
but come World Series time,
we pick a team and place a bet
and sing the “Take Me” rhyme.

At Super Bowl we’re instant fans,
but don’t ask about teams.
The big game’s just a good excuse
to party (so it seems).

The same in March. We all go mad
and watch roundballers score.
A game of hoops we’ll take or leave
until the Final Four.

Me thinks I see a pattern here
within our well-honed ways.
We raise the rafters with our cheers
on only certain days.

No wonder many blow-off church,
though they say they believe.
Except for Easter, folks sleep in
until it’s Christmas Eve.

Commitment is conditional.
The culture sparks our flame.
We’re fans but not fanatical.
Our loyalty’s a game.