To the Olympics… and Beyond

Not all marathons in life are fun and games

To the country where it all began,
The Games return again.
The strong and fleet (with gold their aim)
compete with wills to win.

To the birthplace of democracy
the nations make their way.
They’ll prove all ideologies
give way to sport and play.

In the city where Saint Paul once stood
defending Christ as Lord,
the cheering crowds will stand as well
when winning goals are scored.

In the scheme of things The Games we love
(at best) are but mere games.
We’ll soon forget the record times
and most contenders’ names.

Still and all there is a marathon
that won’t be run in Greece.
It’s not for silver, gold or bronze.
It’s not a ploy for peace.

It’s a race (by grace) you too can run.
You’ve been qualified by One
who finished first without a fall,
then died when he was done.

It requires strength to persevere.
It’s not a common race.
But those who cross this finish line
will greet God’s smiling face.

So run as if you’re there in Greece.
Maintain your pace and stride.
Press on toward the goal you seek
for which the Savior died.