My Big Fat Grecian Clan

A Tongue-in-cheek look at Olympics souvenirs

Beware of Greeks who offer gifts.
and also those who offer lifts
in unmarked cabs in Athens town.
I hear there’s gouging going down.

My big fat Grecian clan’s got rich
by peddling Olympics kitsch.
The oozo-flavored sno-cones are
the most ingenious by far.

My Papou’s pitching fishing caps
inscribed to say “I love my naps.”
And Ya Ya’s selling worry beads
as well as rolls with sesame seeds.

My Great Aunt Toula’s made a mint
by sculpting mounds of dryer lint.
She shaped them into Parthenons
and in one day they all were gone.

You see it’s not just athletes
who scheme to find ways to compete.
My cousin’s made a killing there
by selling Greek-flag underwear.

We Greeks know how to win the gold.
We marked up all the stuff we sold.
We proved that tourists at The Games
are short on cash as well as brains.