A Hedge Around a Garden

A call to pray for God’s protection over a political convention

The Republicans
are on their way to New York.
But they are not alone.
An old foe follows close behind.
His name is fear.
And as we approach the dreaded third anniversary
of what took place on ground
that history has forever deprived of a number,
it’s time we were clear.
Lest a square garden
become a shapeless plot of terror,
we’d best plant seeds of prayer
in the soil of believing hearts.
Let’s ask the good Lord
to grow a hedge of protection
around delegates and candidates
that would shield them from bad deeds.
The last thing the Big Apple needs
is an evil worm burrowing its way
to the core of our democratic process.
To that end, why not make prayer
the first thing you do today
as you sip your first cup of coffee?