A Sure Cure for Stress

Post-op advice for Bill Clinton

When you’re pooped, uptight and frazzled
and your plagued by anxiousness,
there’s a simple diagnosis.
You are suffering from stress.

You are taxed by unmet deadlines.
You are driven by demands.
You’re a mess of frayed emotions
like some stretch-out rubber bands.

It’s a low-grade chronic sickness
that will leave you nearly dead,
if you don’t address the symptoms.
First of all, go straight to bed.

When you wake up, eat your breakfast.
Spend some time with God in prayer.
Let the Lord review your date book.
Offer up your angst and cares.

Take a walk or jog three miles.
Don’t neglect your exercise.
Watch your diet. Drink much water.
Boycott burgers, Cokes and fries.

Make the most of meals with family.
Share your feelings. Make amends.
View each day as priceless treasure.
Count your blessings. Laugh with friends.

Learn the art of saying “Sorry!
While I’d love to I just can’t.”
Try to just say no more often.
Let it be your freedom chant.

Guard your day-off like a soldier
wearing sneakers, jeans and cap.
Let yourself enjoy a hobby.
Every Sunday take a nap.

Even though it’s not a cancer,
stress can kill you just the same.
So determine you will fight it.
Make a stress-free life your aim.