Liberty Never Blinks

Reflections on the third anniversary of 9/11

With big sad eyes that never close
she watched those black clouds as they rose
eclipsing New York’s brilliant sun
as shadows signaled doom.

Unflinchingly she stared and wept
as towers fell and terror swept
across a city unaware
that held its breath and prayed.

With torch in hand she offered light
to those who searched both day and night
for missing loved ones lost beneath
a mountain of debris.

She stood for hope when hope seemed lost
as rescue workers paid the cost
of burying our broken dreams
that died that dreadful day.

She stood by guarding while we grieved
and heard us say why we believed
that we must seek out terrorists
before they strike again.

And still she stands defiant, strong
unfazed by those who’ve done us wrong.
And those who try to stare her down
will find she never blinks.