Anchors Aweigh

Reflections on the retirement of two news veterans

With Brokaw and Rather
soon saying goodbye,
the peacock and eyeball
are starting to cry.

The news we watch nightly
won’t seem quite the same
as network execs play
the replacement game.

These two veteran anchors
have both left their mark.
While one’s tail was wagging,
the other would bark.

Dan Rather would rather
have worked until May,
but slandering W meant
he’s H to pay.

More cranky that Cronkite,
this Texan was tough.
At times he was cocky,
uncaring and gruff.

Some think Dan’s quite liberal.
Well, duh… That’s not news.
His bias is blatant.
Consider his views.

Tom Brokaw was better
as anchormen go.
We warmed to his style
on the old Today Show.

Most all of the time
we could tell what he meant
in spite of his signature

Tom honored our fathers
who won the Big War.
He helped us remember
their courage and more.

He called them The Greatest
for their sacrifice.
We needed his nudging
to pay honor’s price.

And though it will be hard
to see both men gone,
I’d rather see Rather retire,
not Tom.