Post-Christmas Reflections on a World Deprived of Joy

Two special edition poems in memory of the tsunami victims and Reggie White

The Conundrum of Christmas Carols
How can we sing when the world is weeping?

From silent night to deafening roar
as waves of terror washed ashore.
The product of a monstrous quake
left countless lifeless in its wake.

I heard the bells on Christmas Day
but soon those soft sounds went away.
Instead I heard loud screams of fear
that all around the globe could hear.

O little town of Bethlehem,
please weep for those who’ve lost their lambs
for once you knew such wordless grief
when death prowled like a heartless thief.

Joy to the World seems out of place.
Our planet’s stunned and tries to brace
for untold sorrow still to come
as graves are filled in one by one.

Georg Friderik Handel’s Comfort Ye
makes better sense to you and me.
It is a lyric forged in pain
in which Emmanuel speaks our name.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel
be near to those who feel like Hell
has found its way to where they live.
Give hope as only You can give.

Remembering Reggie
A tribute to one of the NFL’s greatest players.

They called him the Minister of Defense.
And it made sense.
Whether an Eagle, Packer or Panther,
he led his congregation of defenders
with an inspired word, articulate grace
and an upfront commitment
others attempted to follow.
His name was White
His skin was black.
But race was not his game.
Football was his calling.
It’s what his life was about.
But there’s no doubt
the gridiron was more than just sport for Reggie.
It was his ministry.
It was where his God-given talent was invested
and where life’s ultimate issues were tackled.
On the field he brought his faith to bear
scrimmaging against ego, anger and greed
as well as mediocrity, pain and materialism.
As iron sharpens iron, so his life touched others
both on and off the turf.
It’s why he suited up each Sunday
Still he refused to wear his religion on his sleeve.
It’s why he let down during the week
insisting to show his approachability to kids
who sought his autograph or the click of a Kodak.
Whether winning or losing,
choosing to serve others by serving Christ
was Reggie’s overriding concern.
It’s what has earned him an irreplaceable place
among his teammates, in the entire NFL
and in the hearts of fans the world over.
Peace be to his memory!