A Case for a Sober New Year’s Eve

Why 2005 just might be the Year of the Aspirin

And so this New Year’s Eve begins
as old friends pour champagne and gin
and watch a ball descend to earth
while taking swigs and making mirth.

If you pass out, you’ll later wake
admitting to a huge headache
but quite unsure of what to do.
Your favorite meds are now taboo.

Vioxx was tagged, then Celebrex.
We wondered which drug would be next.
And soon we learned it was Aleve.
My aching back. Can you believe?

Will Advil and then Tylenol
soon join the dreaded drug recall?
Before we know it aspirin
is all we’ll have to take again.

So give some thought before you drink
what ends up in the bathroom sink.
What once killed pain may soon be banned,
so drink much less than what you planned.