Love Lessons from the Pitts

What we can learn from Jennifer and Brad’s break-up

The nation’s sad
that Jen and Brad
have opted now to split.
The spotlight of celebrity
has left them in the pits.

They seemed so right
with matching height
each with a chiseled bod.
And since they’d made it for four years,
their breakup now seems odd.

But in a town
where up means down,
the ones who do survive
have found it takes hard work and will
to make a marriage thrive.

The secret to
what keeps love true
is saying it’s for keeps.
It’s talking much and listening more
and knowing when to weep.

It’s giving in
and in and in
when you know you are wrong.
It’s making up and getting down
while dancing to your song.

It’s being blind
when time’s unkind
to your mate’s sagging frame.
It’s holding hands and taking walks
and playing table games.

It’s staying in
when lustful whims
might tempt you to bail out.
By choosing to remain in love
you give your vows their clout.

Another Couple in Conflict

Old Man Winter and Mom Nature
just can’t seem to get along
They are striking out with vengeance
and we kids know they are wrong.

They are acting out their anger.
Dad and Mom have lost control.
If they’d only kiss and then make up.
They’ve taken quite a toll.

Both their tempers flared in Asia
and in California too.
How we wish that mom and dear old dad
would end this and be through.

We are praying they’ll quit fighting.
That would give us all relief.
But for now it seems they’re bent on pain
and causing endless grief.