The Sanctity of Office and of Life

A poet’s look at Inauguration Thursday and Sanctity of Life Sunday

A Post-Inaugural Prayer
Kneeling in prayer for our sitting President

This Thursday past, our President
was sworn in once again.
Most gracious God, we intercede
for Laura and for him.

With his two hands he voiced his vows.
He raised his right hand high.
But with his left, he palmed a Book
that answers every why.

Allow that Book to be his guide
throughout the next four years.
In spite of those who will object,
help George deflect their jeers.
With solemn swear, he sought Thy help
while we watched on TV.
Lord, let him sense Thy presence near
whenever he seeks Thee.

Preserve him, Lord. Protect his heart.
Defend him from attacks
as he stands up for truth and life
and brings old values back.

A Choice to Make
Being pro-life has to do with more than just unborn babies.

There’s a choice that we are given
every day we live our lives.
Will we disregard the helpless
or make sure they will survive?

Those at risk hide in the shadows
robbed of justice with no voice.
Will we speak up for these victims?
That’s the question. That’s our choice.

In a womb or in an alley,
in South Asia or Iraq,
there are victims close to dying
who need more than Christian talk.

They are persons in God’s image
and as humans, they should live.
They cry out for liberation,
but they’re silenced lest we give

of our time (our precious hours),
of our wealth (we all are rich),
of our heart’s preoccupation
(being done with envy’s itch).

We’ve been called as liberators
to release the overlooked.
It’s a mission we’ve been given
specified in God’s own book.

But this question begs an answer.
Is our willingness a ruse?
Or will we prove our intentions
by our actions? We must choose.