Voting Abroad and at Home

Reflections on Iraq’s election and Oscar nominations

Democracy’s First Breath
A Prayer for the Iraqi Elections

Al-Zarqawi mocks
the ballot box
in terror-torn Iraq.
But he can’t see
that liberty
won’t be denied by talk.

The fateful day
is days away…
democracy’s first breath.
As they elect,
O God protect
the innocent from death.

We thought it bad
with hanging chads.
They hang the ones who vote.
Each polling place
is far from safe
as freedom tries to float.

Keep it alive
so it can thrive.
Dear God, please hear this prayer.
Derail the dreams
and evil schemes
of madmen over there. 

The Passion of the Academy
Why Oscar overlooked Jesus

They hung the Savior out to die
without an Oscar nod.
They nominated Hughes and Charles
while overlooking God.

Their passion’s for a man who flew
and one who made kids fly
and friends joyriding tasting wine
while looking for life’s why.

They voted for a boxing champ
and one who sang the blues.
But he who died to save the world
did not make Headline News.

The Gospel According to Mel was tops
when measuring the take.
But ticket sales are not the key
to taking home the cake.

It’s what the voters see as “sweet.”
The ‘cademy’s the boss.
So it’s no shock that they ignored
the man upon the cross.