Poking Fun at Groundhogs and Pigskins

Overshadowed by a war, a poet plays with words

Stop the Insanity
Why Groundhog Day Has Got to Go

In Punxsutawney Pennsylvania
there’s a furry guy named Phil
who obsesses over shadows.
Do not think they’re no big deal.

They are huge to Mr. Groundhog.
It’s the way that he tells time.
But his OCD’s alarming
like a drunk in search of wine.

Phil’s neurotic. He’s off-balanced.
If his search is deemed in vain,
he retreats in deep depression
suicidally insane.

Aren’t we really co-dependent
when we humor Phil each year?
What we’re doing with this rodent
isn’t healthy. That’s quite clear.

We should find a shrink for Philipwho will help him see the light.Then his shady reputationwill give way to one that’s bright.

Sunday Dinner in Jacksonville
Why the Main Course Won’t Fill the Bill

The Eagles and the Patriots
are hungry for a win.
The smell of victory’s in the air.
The game will soon begin.

What’s cookin’? we ask Mom McNabb.
She holds a Campbell’s can
and hopes the chunky soup in there
brings luck to Donovan.

It’s turkey in the Brady home.
His mom just loves her Tom.
But will it be Thanksgiving Day
when Sunday’s game is done?

The table’s spread. The feast awaits.
The pigskin’s being passed.
And even though we feel content,
we know that it won’t last.

A Super Bowl won’t nourish us.
We hunger for much more.
We like football, but what we crave
is ending this cruel war.