From Wichita to Scottsdale

The joys of capturing a killer and stealing home

Lessons from a Wichita Church
What the capture of the BTK killer means to ministers. 

It might seem like all is kosher
as you take care of your flock.
But be cautious of those members
when their walk belies their talk. 

You don’t know to whom you’re preaching.
One might be a fugitive
whose been wanted for three decades
running free as through a sieve. 

In your flock there may be secrets
in the hearts of ewes and rams.
One who loves to call you shepherd
might be someone on the lam. 

Don’t take chances with youth workers.
Better do those background checks.
There are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing
who will prey on kids for sex. 

It could be that some you’ve baptized
have not paid a legal debt.
Even though they’re splashed with water
their facade may be all wet. 

Even Jesus had a Judas
who pretended all was right.
But this scoundrel had a secret
that eventually came to light. 

What seems normal can be deadly.
Sad to say, we must beware.
For among repentant sinners
evil people rig their snare. 

So the moral of this poem
is to be alert and wise.
Do not let some baa-a-ad imposter
pull the wool over your eyes.

The Other March Madness
Examining the indescribable lure of spring training.

The smell of spring is all about.
White-chalked infields, grassy outs.

Bats with pitch. Well-oiled gloves.
The scent of March is what I love.

Players rested (game to play)
practice where it’s warm all day.

Fans in shorts seek autographs,
shag foul balls, tell jokes and laugh.

Scarfing peanuts, spitting seeds,
gauging pitchers’ fastballs’ speed.

Chasing down a homerun ball.
Peering through a chain-link wall.

Watching walk-ons try their luck.
Buying hotdogs for a buck.

Getting psyched for Opening Day
when my team will swing away.

Call it crazy. Say I’m mad.
Baseball fever is no fad.

Jose, Can You See?
Why Canseco’s confessions aren’t believable even if they’re true.

Jose, can you see
how your book’s been received?
Because of your antics,
your words aren’t believed.

Your motive for writing
is highly suspect.
No wonder those slandered
are prone to object.

And even if most
of what you claim is true,
a lack of integrity
undermines you.

It seems you owe taxes.
You’ve cheated on wives.
You’ve broken probation.
You’ve juiced up and lied.

Your word has no merit.
You’re viewed as a joke.
Your lost reputation
has gone up in smoke.

And so here’s the lesson
we’d best not avoid.
A life marked by scandal
is worse than steroids.