The Passion of the Christ

Why Jesus would be a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Oh, by the way I heard that Mel
was on the Ellen Show.
Their passions are not quite the same.
He’s hetero you know.

A Gibson girl this host is not.
We all know Ellen’s gay.
And Mel’s a bloody Jesus chap
who claims the narrow way.

But lest you judge the actor’s choice
for being Ellen’s guest,
consider what you know of Christ.
Let that be Prudent’s test.

This rabbi ate with prostitutes.
He hung with the maligned
while those self-righteous holy types
were hateful and unkind.

Though criticized, the rabbi loved
to mix with those who sinned.
In fact the Good Book clearly states
he was the sinners’ friend.

The bottom line? I think J.C.
would sit at Ellen’s side.
The passion of the Christ was love
and that is why he died.