American Idol on Trial

What Simon says and Michael doesn’t

Beware of What Simon Says
Life lessons in self-esteem from the American Idol craze.

Paula and Randy are candid (yet kind).
But American Idol wanna-bees
are often stung by the waspy words
that Simon says.
He’s mean-spirited. He’s heartless.
And furthermore, he’s often wrong.
But he’s not alone.
When you try your hardest,
you too have critics
who will attempt to steal your joy
and rob you of your self-esteem.
They will undermine your dreams
if you let them.
But as Carole King reminded us
back when we idolized her,
“Don’t you let them!”
Remember, you’ve got a Friend
Who loves you more than you know
and loves you as you are.
In the end, it’s not your critics who count.
It’s a panel of One
from Whom your gifts have come.

Michael’s Drumline
You’ve never heard Tom-Toms like this.

You could call it Michael’s Drumline
near a ranch named Neverland.
where the legal Tom-Toms square-off
making noise.
There is Sneddon and there’s Mesereau
aware of Jackson’s jazz
and the trap set for
unknowing little boys.

It’s a Tom-Tom competition
quite complete with many snares.
These are rhythms you will never
hear again.
There are prosecution rimshots
and the roll of Mike’s defense
as the lawyers do their best to
claim a win.