A Runaway Bride and a Fallen Idol

How two women got themselves in hot water:
Hey, Hey Paula

The High Cost of Cold Feet
How a runaway bride held a nation hostage

Her wedding day was drawing near.
Her nervous heart was chilled by fear.
And from her heart the numbness spread
until her feet were cold.

And with those feet she ran away
creating quite a frantic fray.
Pretending she had been kidnapped,
she wove a web of lies.

There was a hostage nonetheless.
Her childish ways and selfishness
found her fiance caged by stress
and kept him on his knees.

In fact she held us all at bay.
We feared the worst yet knelt to pray.
This one afraid to tie the knot
left us in knots inside.

And so the point I want to make
(much like a pebble on a lake)
is that our acts are ripple-like
involving many lives.

So count the cost before you do
what at the time seems good for you.
For choices always have a price
that someone has to pay. 

Hey, Hey Paula
A new twist on an old hit

Hey, hey Paula, Simon says, shame on you.
Hey, hey Paula, looks like your gig is through.
It seems that this Idol talk may be true.
Paula, Corey was just twenty two.
Big mistake. Big mistake.

Hey, hey Paula, Idols are for the stage.
Hey, hey Paula, Corey was not your age.
Did you really share your bed and your wage?
Paula, your fans are feeling rage.
Take a hike. Take a hike.

True love means planning a life for two
being together when Idol is through.
True love means waiting and hoping that soon
wishes you made will come true.
You were wrong. You were wrong.

(with apologies to the original lyricist, Ray Hildebrand)