Rhymes from the Front Lines

Contemplating on a never-ending conflict;
Adding up What Divides Us

The Gospel According to a Prison John
Why you shouldn’t always flush

If you are called an infidel
by Islam’s holy book,
it’s doubtful you will read it all
or even give a look.

And though you might be tempted to,
don’t toss it in the john.
To flush it down as human waste
is not your right. That’s wrong.

Imprisoned soldiers still are men
and worthy of respect.
The things they deem as God-inspired
aren’t targets for our spit.

I guess what matters most of all
is doing what you’d want
if your worn Bible was found out
the moment you were caught.

To desecrate a book or shrine
is what some countries do.
But that is not our nation’s way.
In war there’s justice too.

Adding Up What Divides Us
Why keeping score of the war isn’t easy

It’s been THREE years.
TOO long some say.
ONE wonders FOR what cause.
A FIVE star general in D.C.
admits to fatal flaws.

In war the numbers don’t add up.
The totals are much more
than those who’ve died
and dollars spent.
There’s all the bloody gore.

But don’t forget
what’s been achieved
as freedom spreads its wings.
Iraqi women, kids and men
have heard their future sing.