Beware of the Spiderless Web

Exposing the dangers of internet porn

Curves and angles
bodies tangled
just a click away.
Your heart beats faster,
but disaster
stalks you like a prey.

Air-brushed vixens
lure you to them
with their lustful eyes.
And though they’re phony,
men real lonely
stare and fantasize.

Cyber sex sites
twist your insides
like a hurricane.
Be sure they’ll duly
(and quite cruelly)
flood your life with shame.

Don’t live guilty
feeling filthy.
Break the cycle quick.
Though you may seem fine,
you’ve become blind
to what makes you sick.

If you’re peeping
you are keeping
wrongful company,
for those you’re Googling
will start ruling you
just wait and see.

Or better yet, don’t.
Say, “Lord, I won’t
ever look again.
And through Him you can
be a new man
unconcerned with skin.