Is Michael Jackson Really Free?

There are some freedoms a judge can’t grant

A black umbrella hoisted high
protected Mike from sun.
A black-robed judge kept him from heat
by seeing justice done.

This rather strange celebrity
has walked, but soon he’ll dance.
Perhaps upon an SUV
in his pajama pants.

And yet me thinks it obvious
that Michael Joe’s in pain.
Financially and physically
his troubles never wane.

And though he rules the world of pop,
he’s rarely on his throne.
At Neverland in spite of crowds
he always looks alone.

I doubt that M J loves his life.
Though free, he’s bound by dreams
that never are quite realized.
At least that’s how it seems.

A judge can keep a man from jail
but he can’t guarantee
that deep within that person’s heart
he’s really truly free.