The Tireless Search for a Missing Kid

How the Good News is observable in this week’s great news

A little lamb had wandered from the safety of the fold.
The Shepherd knew he was at risk alone out in the cold.

The dangers in the wilderness are ones to rightly fear.
There are the beasts that stalk at night the poor sheep never hear.

This one so young had left the flock to follow his own way.
He didn’t know that he was lost until his world turned gray.

The brambles and the hiss of snakes soon found this lamb afraid.
He felt so far removed from love he shivered, wept and prayed.

Though missing, this young lamb was not forgotten in his plight.
The Shepherd, moved by heartfelt love, went searching in the night.

He wouldn’t sleep or rest or eat while looking for the lost.
When tempted to give up and quit, he braved the wind and frost.

The helpless kid would surely die if he was not soon found.
And so the Shepherd soldiered on to comb the barren ground.

This search and rescue mission had consumed his mind and soul.
He’d gladly save this one He loved no matter what the toll.

And when it seemed all hope was gone, a shout of joy was heard.
The lamb once lost had now been found. We thrilled to hear the word.

It’s comforting to realize that all who wander far
are sought by One who longs for them no matter who they are.

And just in case you doubt His heart consider His old cross.
It’s bloody proof He’ll search and search regardless of the cost.

The hunt for Brennan near Salt Lake is more than just good news.
We see in it our Father’s love that only fools refuse.