Graham’s Last Stand

Paying Homage to the Prince of Preachers

Though quite feeble, Billy battled
to proclaim God’s truth again.
He’s as brittle as a cracker,
still this Graham has strength within.

He’s resilient and determined.
Doctors shake their heads in awe
at this white-haired prince of preachers
who has led the world to God.

Once again he’s home at Montreat
after preaching one last time.
This globe-trotting ‘good news’ spokesman
still can make the Scriptures rhyme.

He can still shape moral conscience.
And he will though he retires.
Billy’s full-on bold commitment
is amazing. It inspires.

It’s a kind of God-allegiance
too few Christians tend to pledge
in a culture of convenience
where our risks are often hedged.

May our Father bless our brother
as he faces what’s to come.
Pray that Bill will keep on running
’til his race on earth is done.