An Eruption Waiting to Happen

Why Shasta Groene needs our prayers

Young Shasta hasta ache inside
from all that she’s been through.
This victim of such evil crimes
could not have had a clue

what would be stolen from her grasp.
Her childhood innocence.
Two brothers and her mother, too
by one deprived of sense.

He robbed her of a good night’s sleep.
He vandalized her dreams.
He took what can’t be given back
through his perverted schemes.

And though she’s finally safe and snug
within her father’s arms,
this little princess needs our prayers
to shield her from new harms.

For what’s beneath her winning smile
won’t always be contained.
Like Mt. St. Helens, Shasta, too,
in time will spew and flame.

Let’s pray this blast will be controlled
through long term therapy
and that she’ll know her Father’s love.
The One she cannot see.