Confronting a Teenage Trap

Why a boycott of Abercrombie and Fitch makes sense

May I have your eyes and ears?
Something’s afoot
that relates to a popular store
where posters of body parts
are largely unclothed.

That’s not a small paradox
given the fact
that the store in question
sells much more than socks.
It is a clothing store.

Man alive,
there’s a boycott going on.
Have you heard?
It’s not absurd.
It’s not an overreaction.
It’s not an extreme faction.
In fact, it’s not about fanaticism at all.
It’s about time.

It’s a boycott
on behalf of girls caught
in the wicked web
of Abercrombie and Fitch’s
malevolent merchandising.

It’s a web that traps
those who want to fit in
by wearing what
fashion designers
have deemed to be
the trend.

It’s a web that
tortures the psyche
of those who don’t have the perfect bod
so that they begin to blame God
for the way He made them.

It’s a web that dehumanizes
a woman’s worth
by selling girls’ tee shirts
with suggestive slogans
that invite teenage boys
to remove them in their minds.

It’s a web that keeps our kids
from fleeing youthful lusts
by tangling them in the threads
of a promiscuous mind set
in which they long for sexual pleasure
beyond the measure of their years
(or the level of their commitment).

Because the spider must pay,
a boycott
just may be the way.