In Praise of Unpaid Heroes

Recognizing the worth of America’s veterans

I know a wrinkled balding man
who proudly served his Uncle Sam
and claims he’d do it all again
to fight for liberty

I think you’ve seen this man before.
This one who risked his life in war
and then returned without a limb
but with no real regrets.

He has a tale he’s known to tell
of what it’s like surviving Hell
and how it feels when buddies die
or lose their sanity.

Although he’s brave, he’s also shy
and tries to dodge the public’s eye.
He’s quite content to quietly
reflect on freedom’s price.

But when he sees the flag go by,
this man is not ashamed to cry.
He stands up straight and then salutes
a banner he esteems.

I know that man and so do you.
He’s rarely paid what he is due.
His name is VETERAN and he’s earned
a place in history.