A Call for Pilgrim-like Praise

Why confession of ingratitude is an appropriate appetizer to this year’s dinner

They didn’t land within our town.
They moored at Plymouth Rock.
Those ones who taught us to give thanks
trapped turkeys, deer and fox.

The Pilgrims feasted off the land
as new friends showed them how.
Their learning curve was steep and hard
without an ox-drawn plow.

And yet they didn’t grouse and gripe.
With buckled-hats removed,
they knelt each night with praise to God.
His faithfulness they’d proved.

So many years have long since passed.
Our lives are far less stressed.
And yet it seems we aren’t as quick
to claim how much we’re blessed.

We feel entitled way too much
and lack the Pilgrim’s flair
for recognizing all they had
with humble hearts and prayer.

So this year on Thanksgiving Day
let’s honestly admit
what undeserving folks we are
in light of what we get.